A safe fun area under any playground equipment

WARCO rubber safety mats ensure fall protection under playground equipment in schoolyards and kindergartens.

Fall protection on public playgrounds is a crucial property when we think about kids who adore swings and slides and spend hours on end climbing towers and monkey bars.

Safety should be the decisive factor when choosing an appropriate flooring for any play area, especially under playground equipment. That’s why the law stipulates that such playground flooring must comply with the EN 1177 standard on all playgrounds that are accessible to the public. WARCO rubber tiles are an ideal solution to meet these requirements. They create a child-friendly and protective, injury-free floor ready for the wildest fun ideas and the most extreme games in every weather conditions.

Safe landing with WARCO

Produced in accordance with the EN1177 standard, WARCO rubber safety mats are available in various thicknesses corresponding to different critical fall height values from one to three metres. By cushioning the impact of a potential fall from the highest point of the playground equipment, they make a safe landing for the playing kids.

For all playground equipment

WARCO safety mats can be installed indoors and outdoors and make a safety floor under climbing walls and all types of playground equipment, such as climbing towers, monkey bars, slides, swings, and carousels. The safety mats are durable and weather-resistant so they are an optimal choice for every heavy-duty area that is intensively used by all the small sport- and game lovers. The mats are also anti-slip which further adds to the kids’ safety.

Installation like a child’s play

What is more, WARCO safety mats are easily installed, without the need for any complex tools and advanced technical skills — all you need is an even subfloor. WARCO FS safety mats are an efficient solution for climbing walls and tall playground equipment of up to 300 cm in height. They are joined with plastic connectors and glue. In case of lower playground devices and climbing walls with a critical fall height of up to 150 cm, go for interlocking safety mats that require neither gluing nor fixing.

With WARCO safety mats, all parents can relax while their children have the best fun in the world on their favourite playground! More inspiring ideas and numerous images of ready projects with rubber safety mats are available at the WARCO gallery.