Safety mats under climbing and bouldering walls

Fall-attenuating safety tiles are a must under climbing and bouldering walls indoors and outdoors.

Climbing wall secured with WARCO safety flooring

Protective mats under climbing walls is a basic safety requirement which reduces the risk of injuries when landing or jumping onto the ground. Safety mats is the most efficient fall protection system for indoor and outdoor climbing walls.

Safety mats obviously won’t replace other safety measures required especially for professional climbing or bouldering walls. Without them, though, successful climbing might end in pain and injury. Continue reading

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Rain again? That’s not a problem if your playroom is an adventure playground!

Playroom mats made of rubber granulate (safety mats) are safe and children-friendly indoor flooring

A playroom with no limits is the kids’ dream. You are going to love this playroom, too, because there won’t be an inch of hard floor which can harm your pupils when they run riot.

Just like on a playground, the playroom or play corner which is in your charge must be paved with safety flooring. It has to cushion the impact of falls from a given maximal fall height. It is not enough to put some mattresses under a climbing frame because mattresses shift and are in no way fixed to the floor! Continue reading

Safety tiles at a kindergarten or pre-school

Safety tiles on a kindergarten playground or playroom make it safer and accessible all year long.

Your kindergarten playground or schoolyard can look as modern and safe as this kindergarten outdoor area in Luxembourg, renovated with WARCO safety tiles.


Safety should be a priority at an outdoor or indoor play area at kindergarten. The flooring should absorb the impact of a possible fall from the highest point of playground equipment (critical fall height). Moreover, it should make a soft landing for kids and a pleasant playing area for toddlers. Continue reading

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