How to build a low-maintenance football field in your neighbourhood?

An amateur football field in the park is paved with WARCO safety mats.

Football field paved with WARCO sports floor mats

Amateur football pitch paved with permanently elastic rubber flooring lasts for decades and saves you time and money on the maintenance.

As much as the kids would love to kick the ball, the weather in our climate is not too generous for them. Grass football fields way too often turn into muddy ground, unless carefully maintained, which is expensive and time-consuming.

Innovative football field surfacing

The solution is simple and affordable: pave a football field with rubber sports floor tiles. This innovative surfacing, used nowadays on most outdoor recreation areas and playgrounds, will help you get rid of the most troublesome problem: the costly maintenance of the football field. It gives the kids an opportunity to play football (and obviously other games, too) in any weather and any season.

Wise investment for years

For your neighbourhood or community it is a worthwhile investment for, literally, decades. Permanently elastic sports floor tiles have an astonishing durability of 15 years and more, withstanding frost and other harsh weather conditions. Provided the outdoor rubber tiles are properly installed (not to difficult for any careful DIY-ers, especially with the help of our free installation manual) and used as directed, there is no need for maintenance or renovation.

All-weather football field for children’s safety and endless fun

WARCO playground safety tiles and sports floor tiles for football fields are permeable to water. This means that there are no puddles on the surface during and after the rain. Water cleans the tiles from everyday contamination and drains to the ground. The surface of rubber granulate flooring is porous, which makes the football field slip-resistant.

The risk of injuries is also reduced by the fact that sports floor tiles, just like safety tiles used under play equipment, are cushioning. The impact of your child’s fall is attenuated, thus preventing really serious injuries.

Optimal ball rebound on 40 mm sports floor tiles

WARCO NF40 sports floor tiles or TZ40 sports floor tiles were designed specially for ball games with a ball which diameter is 15 cm and more. It is a type of rubber tile, which is slightly harder and more robust than other safety tiles to give you optimal ball rebound and extra durability, necessary on outdoor areas prone to lots of wear and tear, or even vandalism.

Vandalism-free installation of WARCO tiles

Sports floor tiles by WARCO are equipped with the tongue-and-groove system, which enforces the proper position of the tiles and secures the tile grid. Each row of tiles may be placed in offset to the previous row, so that a T-joint is formed. Grid or ‘checkerboard pattern’ is also possible. Gluing the exterior rubber tiles with polyurethane adhesive on the edges and in the corners will make the flooring vandalism-proof and more stable.

Learn how to prepare the subfloor and properly edge the football field from this blog article.

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