Interlocking rubber pavers on play and sports areas

interlocking rubber pavers are a clever alternative for play streets

Resilient and sturdy surface made of rubber pavers

Rubber pavers is a good alternative for play and sports areas: being sturdier than safety tiles, interlocking rubber pavers are needed on areas accessible by vehicles, such as play streets, courtyards and pedestrian areas.

Rubber pavers by WARCO have the same shape as traditional concrete pavers and actually can be used in combination with them. Unlike concrete pavers, however, rubber pavers provide a resilient flooring on which children can safely play.

Some advantages of rubber pavers:

  • fall- and shock-absorbing,
  • slip-resistant,
  • water-permeable (no puddles),
  • suitable for car traffic,
  • easy to maintain,
  • frost-resistant, weatherproof,
  • insulating,
  • easy to install (DIY).

Rubber pavers can be laid on any load-bearing subfloor. On bound subfloors (concrete, asphalt, old tiles, etc.) they should be placed directly on the subfloor, beginning from the edging. In case of unbound subfloors, rubber pavers need to be installed on a compacted grit/gravel bedding. We might also try an innovative and efficient plastic paving grid if we want to ensure a perfect stability of our subfloor. To edge the surface, elastic kerb edging can be used. Assemble the pavers leaving no spaces between them. Rubber pavers can be easily cut with a wood saw. In case we need halves, starting or finishing elements – such pieces are also available in our online shop and may be ordered if necessary.

Innovative rubber pavers can be found today in numerous places where both safety and durability is needed, for example:

– park alleys, play streets, schoolyards, recreation grounds,
– fire rescue paths, escape routes, pedestrian areas,
– courtyards, carports, parking spaces,
– beer gardens, patio bars, grill areas,
– golf course (driving range),
– stable alleys, grooming areas, horse walkers,
– outdoor leisure areas and gyms,
– dog runs.

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