How to turn a muddy backyard into a perfect outdoor basketball court? Safety tiles will do the job – cheap and fast.

A safe and all-weather basketball court paved with rubber safety tiles.

An outdoor basketball court paved with WARCO safety tiles.

I think basketball is one of the best American inventions. With extremely simple means you can have a great family time on your backyard basketball court. Or wind down after a long day by shooting ball alone.

But – do you also feel that the weather plays a dirty trick on you whenever you want to play basketball? If it’s not raining, it has been raining for the last few days, so the ground is muddy and slippery. Let’s be honest – playing in the mud is not that pleasant when you’re not 12 anymore! 

All-weather basketball tiles

So, if you want to play basketball whenever you feel like and not when the weather allows, pave your existing surface with easy-to-install, economical outdoor rubber tiles. This flooring is permeable to water, thus eliminates the biggest nuisance – puddles on your basketball court. Rain water flows down the pores in the rubber tile and drains away, leaving the surface clean and dry.

Rubber safety flooring decreases the risk of injuries caused by slipping on a wet surface. The porous tiles are slip-resistant in both dry and wet conditions. They also cushion the impact of a fall – not every game has to end in bruises and blood!

No matter of you live in high mountains with lots of snow and frost, rainy England or hot Emirates – safety tiles are completely resistant to any weather conditions – they sustain temperatures from -30 to +45°C without changing their elasticity, fall protection or ball rebound qualities.

TIP: in places with much exposure to strong sunshine, choose rubber safety flooring made of UV-resistant EPDM rubber.

Even surface with good ball rebound

When playing outdoors, I’m sure your playing surface isn’t perfect. The bumps in the ground or cracks in the driveway cause the ball to bounce away. With safety tiles, made specifically for an outdoor basketball court (40 mm sports floor tiles), the surface will not only be completely even, but the ball will also have an optimal rebound.

So, play basketball in your backyard just as comfortably as you play at a gym. Only that .. it’s for free, there are no opening times and no fees, you have unlimited access to fresh air, and last but not least – nobody will judge your basketball skills!

Create a professional basketball court yourself

Installing safety tiles on your basketball court is a piece of cake. If your subfloor is hard (bound), e.g. concrete or paving block, place basketball tiles directly. The tongue and groove system on the tile edges will help you assemble them correctly. You might use polyurethane glue in the corners or along the edges to secure the surface. Then, install wedge-shaped edging which will additionally prevent the tiles from shifting and eliminate the risk of stumbling.

If your existing surface is soil, you need to cover and level it with a grit bedding. Thanks to the compacted layer of sharp-edged grit or gravel, your new basketball covering will not founder in mud and it will be long-lasting. Grit bedding will provide ecological drainage. Rubber basketball tiles installed on a grit bedding should be edged with elastic kerb edging. Another interesting and effective solution that would strengthen stability of the subfloor is using a plastic paving grid on top of which safety tiles should be installed. This economical and easy-to-lay product allows for DIY montage without much effort on unbound base courses.

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