Rain again? That’s not a problem if your playroom is an adventure playground!

Playroom mats made of rubber granulate (safety mats) are safe and children-friendly indoor flooring

A playroom with no limits is the kids’ dream. You are going to love this playroom, too, because there won’t be an inch of hard floor which can harm your pupils when they run riot.

Just like on a playground, the playroom or play corner which is in your charge must be paved with safety flooring. It has to cushion the impact of falls from a given maximal fall height. It is not enough to put some mattresses under a climbing frame because mattresses shift and are in no way fixed to the floor!

Safety tiles provide sound insulation, too, which I am sure teachers and carers will particularly appreciate! The risk of accidents is further decreased due to the tiles’ porous structure, which prevents from slipping. The surface is seamless thanks to the special connection systems, so no foot will get trapped between the mats!

In a playroom, which is completely edged by walls, choose either the interlocking zip or the tongue and groove system. Place the tiles directly on the floor, beginning from a wall. Make any necessary cuts with a wood saw. The trimmings can be used to begin the next row. There is no need to glue the protective mats because the special joints make the surface perfectly stable. However, if we would like to enhance the stability of our flooring, we may apply so called ‘spot gluing’ on the edges of the playground tiles or in the corners (in case of tiles with a tongue and groove system).

A play corner or a play area which is not completely edged ought to be tiled with interlocking zip mats (TZ30, TZ40). The zip provides the strongest connection between the safety mats. Nevertheless, they might need to be additionally edged (e.fg. with elastic wedge-shaped, anti-stumble RK43 edging) or glued with polyurethane adhesive.

WARCO safety mats is a high quality product of outstanding durability, coming to about 20 years. During this time there is little to be done to maintain the play area. Because the rubber sports mats are liquid-permeable, children shouldn’t drink in their playroom to avoid spilling. When the rubber mats get dirty, simply take them out, wash with warm water and any common detergent. Leave them to dry in the sun and put back in the playroom.

Simple, economical, and children-friendly. Try them out and relax while the kids have a ball in their favourite place in the world.

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