Safety tiles at a kindergarten or pre-school

Safety tiles on a kindergarten playground or playroom make it safer and accessible all year long.

Your kindergarten playground or schoolyard can look as modern and safe as this kindergarten outdoor area in Luxembourg, renovated with WARCO safety tiles.


Safety should be a priority at an outdoor or indoor play area at kindergarten. The flooring should absorb the impact of a possible fall from the highest point of playground equipment (critical fall height). Moreover, it should make a soft landing for kids and a pleasant playing area for toddlers.

WARCO safety tiles were designed first of all to meet the demands of a kindergarten, playground or schoolyard. They are soft and pleasant in use, they have fall protection in accordance to EN 1177 norm, they are slip-resistant and available in colourful, attractive designs.

Safety tiles can be used indoors and outdoors. They are liquid-permeable, so in case of an outdoor use, rain water cleans them, so they require practically no maintenance. When installing them indoors, safety tiles should be washed beforehand, and then maintained clean from liquids.

It is easy to lay them – most kindergartens do it on their own (with the help of parents). If you renovate a play area, you can install safety tiles directly on the existing subfloor (e.g.concrete), or – in case of grass or soil – build a compacted grit bedding and then place the tiles directly on it. More installation tips can be found on our website.

We recommend choosing safety tiles with the interlocking zip. This connection secures the tile pattern and makes it form-fit. Such safety tiles do not require glueing or edging the surface. The play area is vandalism-proof, but if needed, it can be reinstalled without damaging the tiles.

Safety tiles are more economical than in-situ safety surfaces – the installation costs are scarce, and renovation is very easy. You can take out individual tiles and exchange them. Contrary to the so-called wet pour, you don’t have to exchange the whole surface and a lot of money can be saved on DIY installation. A play area paved with WARCO protective tiles has an average life of 15 years, when used as directed.

Ask us for advice on the best product for your kindergarten and have a free sample of our products!

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