All-weather sports ground in your neighbourhood

A sports ground can be usable in all weather if you pave it with safety tiles by Warco.

Rubber safety tiles are the ideal flooring for a sports ground, for example an amateur football field or basketball court. With sports floor tiles you can build a great recreation ground in your neighbourhood on a tight budget.


Playing football in mud is hardly a pleasure, or basketball on a concrete court which is dry only in the summer. Kids want to play all year round, no matter if it rained or snowed. Let them have a professional, non-slip sports ground, which will be always dry and ready to use.

Not all safety tiles can be used as a sport ground surface. There are harder and softer tiles, and it is important that they have a permanent and optimal ball rebound. WARCO offers special sports floor tiles, which are specifically designed for recreation grounds and ball games in particular. 40 mm tiles NF40 or TZ40 are thick enough to be laid even on unbound subfloors, they provide stability and durability of a sports ground. They insulate from the cold ground and have a hard-wearing surface. However, they still provide fall protection and cushion any falls. The risk of injuries is reduced by the non-slippery, porous surface.

Sports floor tiles, just like any other outdoor rubber tiles by WARCO, are water-permeable. This is very important on a sports ground because water does not accumulate on it – there are no puddles to disturb in the game and kids have dry and clean sneakers. Rain water cleans the tiles, taking contamination through the pores to the subfloor.

Thanks to the innovative connection systems between the safety tiles – the zip or the tongue-and-groove, your sports ground is vandalism-proof. After the installation and proper edging (wedge-shaped RK43 for bound subfloors, e.g. concrete, or elastic kerb RV51 for unbound subfloors, e.g. grit bedding), it is hard to take tiles out.

Invest in the high-quality sports floor tiles made in Germany, and enjoy having a professional and safe recreation ground for years. Buy the tiles directly from the manufacturer in our shop, and build a sports ground with the help of neighbours, or hire a local company.

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