Interlocking rubber pavers on play and sports areas

interlocking rubber pavers are a clever alternative for play streets

Resilient and sturdy surface made of rubber pavers

Rubber pavers is a good alternative for play and sports areas: being sturdier than safety tiles, interlocking rubber pavers are needed on areas accessible by vehicles, such as play streets, courtyards and pedestrian areas.

Rubber pavers by WARCO have the same shape as traditional concrete pavers and actually can be used in combination with them. Unlike concrete pavers, however, rubber pavers provide a resilient flooring on which children can safely play. Continue reading

Installation of rubber pavers – video

Interlocking pavers by Warco – not only for play areas!

A video showing how easy the installation of rubber interlocking pavers is, presented by the talking horse :)

Rubber pavers are suitable not only for stable alleys, but also for play surfaces where a robust flooring is needed, for example areas with vehicle access – backyards, car ports, pedestrian areas, play streets, driving range on a golf course. They combine elasticity and fall protection with sturdiness.