Building a kindergarten playing field

Warco sports floor tiles on a kindergarten sports ground

A kindergarten sports ground


“Kita Regenbogen” kindergarten sent us some photos of how they built a playing field for the kids. It turned out great – congratulations to the whole team!

A playing field which looks fantastic and will last for years, built from scratch by a kindergarten association from the outskirts of Berlin’s outskirts. They used Warco sports floor tile TZ40 and elastic kerb RV51 to edge the field. The area was built level with the ground, to avoid trip hazard and to secure the grid.

Warco tiles installed on any load-bearing subfloor

Clearing the ground

Firstly, some soil had to be removed and the area cleared of unnecessary obstacles, e.g. trees :) The ground was levelled and the field borders were made with the elastic kerb. The kerb goes vertically and is backed in concrete. Then, soil was covered with a layer of sand (we don’t recommend it, though! The best subfloor in this case would be compacted, sharp-edged grit or gravel). In order to enhance the stability of the subfloor, it is also recommended to use a plastic grid as a reliable tool which might be used in the installation process.

Elastic edging can be installed on unbound subfloors

Elastic kerb edging

Once the subfloor was ready, WARCO 40 mm sports floor tiles (TZ40-1) were installed. Because the interlocking zip already provides a secure, form-fit connection, gluing the tiles is unnecessary. However, if we want to increase the stabilisation, we may apply spot-gluing along the tiles’ edges using adhesive OP83 produced on the base of polyurethane. Straight edges on the outside row were made by cutting a tile in half. The halves were used on the opposite ends, thus wasting no material. The mats were cut with a circular wood saw, and the holes to fix the goal were made with a jigsaw.

This sports flooring is designed for ball games, like football, basketball, volleyball. The surface is always dry and clean, so children can enjoy the playing field all year long. The tiles are also slip-resistant and fall-attenuating, making it a perfect sports ground!

Warco resilient rubber tiles

A football pitch for any weather!