Safety mats under climbing and bouldering walls

Fall-attenuating safety tiles are a must under climbing and bouldering walls indoors and outdoors.

Climbing wall secured with WARCO safety flooring

Protective mats under climbing walls is a basic safety requirement which reduces the risk of injuries when landing or jumping onto the ground. Safety mats is the most efficient fall protection system for indoor and outdoor climbing walls.

Safety mats obviously won’t replace other safety measures required especially for professional climbing or bouldering walls. Without them, though, successful climbing might end in pain and injury.

Happy landing on safety mats

Rubber granulate, used to manufacture safety mats, acts as a soft cushion for your body. Not only does it reduce the impact of a fall, and so preventing injuries, but also protects your joints and tendons.

That’s why safety flooring is necessary for climbers when landing or jumping onto the floor, not to mention falling on it! It is also beneficial for instructors, who spend long hours on the floor. They will quickly notice how easy on legs safety tiles are.

What safety flooring should I choose?

For lower bouldering walls with a critical fall height up to 100-150 cm, use safety tiles that are 30, 40 or 50 m thick.

It is important to choose a safety tile with the interlocking zip system. It ensures that there are no gaps between the protective rubber mats, forming a smooth, continuous surface.

Effective solution for higher climbing walls will be installing safety tiles belonging to FS series. These straight-edged mats are available in various thicknesses (from 25 up to 100 mm) corresponding to different critical fall height values (from 1 – to 3 m). Their installation has to be carried out with plastic connectors which are added free of charge to every order. It is also important to bear in mind that it is necessary to glue the tiles with each other and to the subfloor. The best adhesive for this purpose should be produced on the basis of polyurethane, like the product OP83, available in our online shop.

Safety tiles for an outdoor bouldering wall

If your climbing or bouldering wall is located outdoors, make sure that the protective outdoor flooring is slip-resistant and frost proof. It also should be permeable to water, because puddles or a wet surface is a hazard, not to mention the fact that it discourages from using the wall.

WARCO safety mats made of polyurethane-bonded rubber granulate are designed for both indoor and outdoor facilities and fulfill all these prerequisites. Save money on DIY installation and renovation – if something goes wrong, exchange one tile and not the whole surface!

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